Kafolike Curriculum 102
Kafolike 102 Rhythms


Here are the rhythms and syllabus for Kafolike 102. As a Kafolike teacher, you should know everything possible about each of these rhythms.



Semester 1


1.Djaa (Malinke) Seduction

2.Konden (Malinke) Initiation

3.Dibon 1 (Malinke) Agriculture

4.Rudiment #9

5.Rudiment #10


Semester 2


6.Dibon 2 (Malinke) Agriculture

7.Liberte (Guinea Ballet) Independence

8.Tiriba (Landuma) Masquerade, popular

9.Rudiment # 11

10.Rudiment # 12


Semester 3


11.Soli (Malinke) Initiation

12.Mendiani (Malinke) Initiation

13.Sorsornet (Baga) Spiritual, Masquerade

14.Rudiment # 13

15.Rudiment # 14


Semester 4


16.Soboninkun (Malinke) Masquerade

17.Senefoli 1 (Malinke) Agriculture

18.Senefoli 2 (Malnke) Agriculture

19.Rudiment # 15

20.Rudiment # 16

Dear Kafolike Teachers in training and Certified teachers. Here you will find the rhythms that are taught for Kafolike 102. Soon the audio files for each part will rhythm will be added for your study purposes. We truly thankk you for your support and dedication.

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